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It is necessary for this web forum is to attract as many members as possible. This website exists to create real and tangible changes in society. In order to accomplish this goal, the more members that participate and engage in debate and discussion, the better. There is strength in numbers.

I will pay you if you sign up provided that you also recommend others to join. And it is not a one-time payment. I will pay you each month for the number of people you refer to sign up for membership. Here I must stress one important thing: You are not allowed to spam people nor do I recommend, suggest or condone it. Still, the fact remains, if you are good at marketing and advertising and if you are ambitious enough, this could be more than just a side-project for you to make money. You could make a sizable income through the referral process of this web site. Since I will pay one dollar each month for each person you refer and sign up, if you manage to get ten thousand persons to become members, you will get paid ten thousand dollars a month.

This is important and deserves repeating: This web site needs as many members as possible to create real change in society. As an effort to make this happen, I am willing to pay YOU to bring more members to this web site. A central function of this web forum is its capacity to make you money. You will be paid for referring this web forum to others who, if they sign up and type your username as a referral, you will be paid monthly. The more people you get to sign up, the more money you will make each month for each single sign up.

Admission to this forum is based upon a paid membership. The purpose of this is also to prevent people from posting content on a whim or to spam or otherwise use this forum for a use that it is not intended for. This is a good thing. If someone is a paying to be a member of this web forum, this person will be less likely to blindly post supposition and half-baked ideas (as the case is with the rest of the internet). If you are paying for something – albeit paying very little – it is less likely that you will abuse what you pay for.

Having a web forum that is not free is good for other reasons. If you believe in your opinions and they are contrary to what is posted here, you should not have any problem with supporting this web forum by your membership as a platform to having your important views expressed in full without censorship to counter what you disagree with. Also, a membership-based web forum is a good idea because it will weed out people who lack resolve and confidence to express what they believe in. We only want people who have confidence in what they believe in as being actually true.

Inversely, if you come to this web forum to express an opposing viewpoint and the requirement of paying three dollars to join discourages you, then you probably lack confidence and resolve in what you believe in. Membership cost less than if you bought me a cup of coffee. If you are unwilling to do such a minimal the thing, then your confidence in your opinion is not high enough.

On the other hand, if you want to sign up for free here, that is easy to do. Just pay for membership and then get three friends to sign up and use you as a referral. I will pay you three dollars total (one for each referral) and that reimburses you for your membership. If you do not have three friends, you should not be spending your time on the internet.

If you do not want to refer three people to this web forum and three dollars more than the amount of expendable income you can afford, then you need to get off the internet and get a better job.

Also, your money goes to good use. By asking for monetary support, this web forum has created the ultimate anti-spam device. Thus, you can be assured that you will be among interested participants.

Once again, membership on this web forum is handled by When you register on this website for membership, you will see that the membership is handled by

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