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Hillary Rodham Clinton and 9-11

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:46 pm
by ArgueMax
If Barbara Olson was alive today, Hillary Clinton would not have a chance to be considered for the office of the President of The United States. Olson was the most outspoken critic of Hillary. Olson was also more factual, and charismatic and personable than Hillary and in a society that values charm and charisma, she would be outshining Hillary and be stealing the spot light from Hillary.

Barbara Olsen had served as the chief investigative counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight committee. She and her staff had investigated the FBI and Travel Office scandals. Olsen knew the details of Hillary Rodham Clinton's role in several of the Clinton administration's unseemly political maneuvers. It is important to note that the findings of Barbara Olsen and her co-workers were like that of the investigators working for independent Counsel Kenneth Star. These findings showed in one the White House scandal after another, all roads led to Hillary. This must be why the FBI scandal, the Travelgate scandal and White Water were left out of Stars impeachment report. You can impeach the president but you can not impeach The First Lady (but luckily, if we are wise, we can keep her from becoming president).

Olsen describes how cold and well-rehearsed Hillary was when she was asked questions. Olsen and her staff never before had seen someone so unflappable when presented with damning evidence and adept at presenting a new interpretation no matter how improbable Hillary's story was.

Barbara outlined all this in the book she wrote "Hell to Pay" and after she went on the talk show circuit to promote the book, she was being asked to return to offer more commentary. if she was alive to day, she would have written probably two more and would be convincing more and more people who Hillary Clinton really is. If she was alive today she would have a lot more to write about now and the idea of considering Hillary for president wold be unthinkable..

When Barbara Olson had been on Bill Maher's show "Politically Incorrect" (1999-11-30) and she held her own against Maher and Joe Lieberman, William Baldwin and John Henton. It is interesting to look back at how she was actually telling the truth on this show and the others were off the mark:

(see the link here if it fails to load below:

She was scheduled to return to Bill Maher's show because she was gaining popularity and people were starting to recognize her as a rising star counter to Hillary's fame.

But Barbara Olson was on the flight the flew into the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 the day she was scheduled to be recorded as a returning member on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" that aired after 9-11-2001. Out of respect for her, they broadcasted the program with her seat empty.

Here is the important issue. If she had lived, it would be definitely less likely that Hillary Clinton would have as much of a chance at acquiring the nomination for the Democratic Party to become president. The one thing that terrorist want more than anything else is to impact the culture of the United States in a big way. Since Barbara Olson was a victim of 9-11 and since Barbara Olson would have most likely have prevented Hillary's raise in popularity, her death will have successfully given what the terrorist most want -- a direct change in the history, culture and direction of American policy. We owe it to the memory of people like Barbara Olson to not let their deaths alter what should come to pass. We have in our power to honor Olsen and keep history from taking a wrong turn. is a Political Action Committee
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