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The Most Compelling Reason Why Hillary Clinton is Not Going to be President of the USA

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:15 pm
by ArgueMax
The most compelling reason why Hillary Clinton is not going to be president of the United States is that the real Hillary is nothing like the image and the performance of Hillary that her supporters know.

Hillary is much like a celebrate whose public performance and image is carefully rehearsed and polished. Everything about her appearances is orchestrated. She will not participate in a debate with her detractors (I have asked to debate her, by the way. And even tough I said I would pay her usual appearance fee through donations, her representatives do not respond to me). She will only accept interviews with people who are friendly to her and admire her and are on her side politically.

But it is all just a performance and not the real Hillary and I can demonstrate to you that I am correct by a simple analogy.

It was the same sort of situation with another entertainer, Elvis Presley. When Red West wrote a book about the real Elvis Presley -- the one that was nothing like the performer Elvis -- the fans of the entertainer dismissed it as a book of lies and was only written for prophet and that Red and his cousin Sonny only wrote the book for money since they had been fired as Presley's bodyguards.

Ironically it was not long after the book was published before the book was proven to be entirely factual since Elvis died from a deteriorated health brought on by the substance abuse described in Red West's book.

Just as fans of Elvis Presley denounced Red West's book "Elvis, What Happened?" as a book of lies written for dishonest reasons, the same can be said about Hillary Clinton's fans and their response to the book "Hell to Pay" by Barbara Olson. Olson worked for Ken Star and found that all the scandals that were being investigated to impeach Bill Clinton lead to Hillary, not Bill. Olson also observed how Hillary used deception to her gain and Olson becalmed convinced that Hillary had a long-term goal of becoming President of the United States. Just as Elvis fans called the West Cousins liars, when Olson appeared on "Politically Incorrect" the liberal panelists that surrounded Barbara Olson on Bill Maher's show denounced her book as lies and written for political gain. When Bill Maher implied to Olson, "the hate comes first before your research", Olson insisted that this was not the case at all.

But time has shown that Barbara Olson was right. Everything Olson wrote about was factual. Like Elvis Presley, the image and performance is not how the real person is. And this is the most compelling reason why Hillary will not be president of the United States. is a Political Action Committee
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