The Difference Between "Dislike" and Outright Hate

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The Difference Between "Dislike" and Outright Hate

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Mon May 02, 2016 7:23 am

Other nations have historically kept out of the American presidential race. But I think the nuance of electing a president with different genitalia is going to wear off within minutes after (and if) Hillary Clinton is sworn in as president and the American public -- especially the electorate that supported Hillary -- is going to be left dumbfounded at the visceral distain and the backlash of disgust and hatred received from a number of other nations.

There has been a smattering of news reports from our overall pro-Hillary news outlets on how other nations perceive a Donald Trump presidency. Have you noticed that there is virtually no reports on what other nations -- especially the population itself of those nations -- view Hillary? It is obvious that the reporters who so love Hillary and are emotionally committed to her are hoping you will forget what she has said and done overseas and how her decisions show carelessness and a lack of understanding.

The fact is, Hillary's monumentally poor decisions as Secretary of State has her hated in Egypt, Libya, and the Ukraine. What is more is that the Clintons are hated in Rwanda and Somalia. Hillary is not well read on the history or the ideology of the peoples of the countries she has meddled in. As Secretary of State, she had surrounded herself with a staff of Muslims who had, themselves, a very naïve and innocent, as well as short sided and uninformed view of Islam. Because of this, Hillary sided with The Muslim Brotherhood and considered them to be freedom fighters and part of the Arab Spring.

It seems to be a religious mantra of the Liberals that everyone can get along and we should blindly trust in the "power of the people". This is a colossal lie. But, lie the devotees of any faith, Hillary has turned a blind eye from the facts. No, Hillary, Libya is worse off because of your meddling, not better of. What is more is that some countries have considered dragging Hillary before some sort if international court for siding and finding criminals and enemies of he people and their freedoms. Egypt is at least one.

Like I have said, the news media has been making a point that other countries dislike Donald Trump. But this is not hate. In other countries, Hillary Clinton's death will be responded to with dancing in the street much like Osama bin Laden's death resulted to many Americans dancing in the street in Washington D.C..

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