Hillary Clinton From A Knowlegebale Point of View

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Hillary Clinton From A Knowlegebale Point of View

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:17 am

To know what is really going on inside a proverbial "bubble" one must sometimes get the viewpoint from an outside source. I like getting news from the BBC and from foreigners as to what they report on about the USA. Sometimes they misinterpret things. Sometimes they see things through their own cultural lens (at times, with amusing results). But most of the times they are able to see things we do not see or refuse to believe.

Last weekend Brazilians all over the world celebrated the Change of Seasons Festival and I was invited to a party. There I met with Brazilian Americans who had a fresh perspective on our presidential race. They told me a story of 3 presidential terms and how corruption had shaped what is currently happening in Brazil. There was one president who introduced a new economic revival and saved the country from ruin and set it on the path to become a first world nation (reminded me of Reagan). Then there was a following president who road the economic good fortune of the first president and claimed responsibility for the good times (reminded me of Bill Clinton). Then, following that, is the current president who is Brazil's first woman president who was all talk and told of things everyone wanted to hear and now the people are uprising to impeach her. It turns out she was not what she presented herself to be and the real person was corrupt all along and was involved in unethical monetary transactions.

It should go without saying that the Brazilians I spoke with are passionately against Hillary Clinton becoming president and feel that they have already seen in Brazil what is happening in the USA now.

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