A Message I Sent To Sam Harris

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A Message I Sent To Sam Harris

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:54 am

Sam, I would like to take a moment and express my opinion as to why I think, as you stated in one of our pod casts, Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils compared to Donald Trump. I have studied Hillary and the Clinton's for over a decade. If I was to make the best use of your time and cut to the chase, I would have to say that, with Hillary we are always going to be waiting for the next shoe to drop. We have a record or one breach of ethics after another. We do not hear about the questionable actions until months after the fact.

We have a long history to judge her with and evaluate what kind of a person she is. I can tell you with a high degree of confidence that what Hillary is doing right now, in the very week that you re reading this, she is doing something that, while being technically legally is also grossly unethical.

With this in mind, I can envision what a Hillary Clinton presidency will be like. It will be like NOTHING. I am not saying it will be so great that it is incomparable to any other president's time in office. I am saying that Hillary will be too preoccupied to get anything done. It will be much like Richard Nixon's second term in office when Nixon was occupied with impeachment proceedings. The same will be so for Hillary. She will be fighting to defend herself against the scandals that, it is reasonable to assume, she is committing as you are reading this.

So I do not know why you think Hillary will be better than Trump. I believe a chimpanzee would be better than Hillary. People will just brush off a chimpanzee and the cabinet that was appointed by random gestures will have the duty to make things happen. That will be better than Hillary. We know that Hillary had no leadership or true management experience. But we also know that Hillary is a self absorbed egomaniac monster in private and has even crossed the line and has been physically abusive to her staff. A well trained chimpanzee would be better.

Sam, intelligence is not a linear thing. What you are good with, others are not good at. What others are good with, you might not be so talented in. You are a smart person, but I would hesitate to have you perform open heart surgery on my son because this is not the field of your education or still or experience. Likewise, I do not know you know what skills make a good manager and leader.

Trump, as you have said, is an ignoramus. To me, that is like Michael Jordan calling me short. But, apart from that, this actually is somewhat a good thing. If Trump KNOWS he is lacking, it will make him more humble and less likely to think he is right just for the sake of being president.

Hillary will not be like that.

I know you have the cerebral fortitude to rethink your opinion. Trump has shown success in management. Hillary has not. Trump has demonstrated himself to be an effective leader. Hillary has not.

To me, your somewhat endorsement of Hillary is a crisis. It does not tell me that Hillary is a good choice. Instead, it tells me how effective Hillary's talent is in convincing people she is something she is not. Sadly, this is her only skill. And, sadly, it has taken her far. I would like to work to make that a more commonly understood thing.

I think it will be like convincing a nation of Elvis Presley fans that Elvis was a drug abuser in private. It will be difficult. But I would like to think it is possible. It is important. It is the real, private Hillary that we are entrusting with our weapons arsenal, not the public performance that is duping us all.

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