Hillary's Television Ads

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Hillary's Television Ads

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:53 am

At the time of this writing, I have seen a couple very polished and expensive looking television ads for and by Hillary and her people. They are well done and very costly looking. They have an impressively high production value. It is a shame that no one notices this or ponders the foreign contributions that must have gone into their development. But this is a topic for another discussion.

The first television advertisement I saw for Hillary Clinton only mentioned the fact that she was a woman and a mother and that she would bring that caring concern to the white house. This, to me, is an admission of mediocrity and failure. Almost ever woman on earth could make this claim. Nothing was said that set her apart for us to think she was exceptional.

But now, looking back, this was a set up. This was nothing more than a ploy and was a contrivance orchestrated by a committee or a think tank on how to have the biggest bang for the buck. I was part of a duo of ads and, like a "one-two punch" in prize fighting, this first one was a set-up to get under our skin and think of her in a favorable light. The second television ad that has come now has a bigger impact if we are first set up with warm and admiring feelings towards Hillary.

The second ad tells an amazing story. It his her "plan" (as she calls it) to improve the country and the economy and make the world a better place. First she says that she will make sure that the "rich finally pay their fair share in taxes". This sounds wonderful on the service. But like everything else in this world, it is not as it seems. The rich, just like everyone else, have been granted to them something that makes this already a wonderful world. It is the ability to make tax deductible contributions. This is the driving force behind the support and existence of charitable institutions that keep this a wonderful place to live. If Hillary (or her hired staff) have their way and force the wealthy to pay what they consider a "fair share" in taxes two things might happen. First, of all, they will stop donating to support charities and exercising philanthropy, naturally, if they feel that new tax laws are already taking too much from them. This will hurt charities and charitable institutions that benefit us all. It will not work that the government will, in turn, support these institution because every time money is passed from one hand to another, the person handling the funds takes a cut. Secondly, there is nothing stopping the rich from simply moving themselves and their money overseas. Once the USA has no more rich people, we will no longer have the tax revenue we already have by them living in the United States.

Then the ad continues by proclaiming that Hillary will hit companies that leave the country with an exit tax. I do not see how this is possible. The government is not a deity or a wizard that can predict the future. If Hillary and her supporters fantasize a world where the federal government maintains and monitors control of our lives to a degree that it can tell beforehand when a company decided to be headquartered overseas, we are in bigger trouble than I imagined.

Hillary's "plan" she outlines in this television commercial is a fantasy. My Liberal friends often tell me what they would like to see happen but they can not rationalize how or by what magic they purpose will make their utopia fantasies a reality.

Hillary is no economist. In fact, I don't know of any economists that have won the Nobel Prize for economics. But that is besides the point. All these very expensive looking television commercials have a single goal which is telling us what we want to hear and what we want to believe. I hope for the sake of the future of our country, Hillary does not win.

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