How Hillary Clinton's Election Could Destroy The US Economy

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How Hillary Clinton's Election Could Destroy The US Economy

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:14 pm

Foreigners typically stay out of American politics unless, of course, they have some reason to support a particular candidate because of a perceived benefit to them or their homeland. Because of this, if a foreigner disapproves of a particular American candidate for president, Americans do not usually hear about it.

There is something else to consider. If a culture overseas disapproves of an American candidate for president, they typically keep their disapproval quiet out of fear of a backlash. If a foreign disapproval is voiced, Americans could vote for that candidate out of national pride and spite.

Americans are proud to think of themselves as number one, the best, and the top of the heap. They take pride in the idea that they are what others in other countries strive to become. They want to believe that the goal of others all over the world is to have the quality of life that they have. Although The Cold War is over, Americans continue to think of themselves as being The First World. The First World, The Second World and The Third World are no longer applicable terms in a post-Cold-War era, but that does not stop Americans from thinking they come first and are the best and they expect to be the first in academic achievements, athletic conquests and the victors and the peacekeepers in any regional conflict worldwide.

Regardless of Americans thinking that they are superior, and that they stand apart and above the rest of the world, the bitter truth is that the United States is not an economic powerhouse that can survive on its own.

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