Hillary Clinton and The Rothschild's

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Hillary Clinton and The Rothschild's

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:18 am

The United States of America is a nation of the people for the people and by the people. This is the very reason why President Lincoln fought The Civil War, by the way. It was done so that the nation "of the people for the people and by the people will not vanish from the face of the earth." Any candidate running for the office of President of the United States who does not hold these values above all others, is not fit for command. As this correspondence described in this web forum post shows, Hillary Rodham Clinton does not hold these values. To her, it does not matter that we are a nation whose government should be represented by and accountable by its people. To her, the leadership of this country is literally for sale and her will and attention can be bent by a private citizen based on his wealth.

Whatever you get from this email and no matter how you interpret it, this is bad. The Rothschild's, in case you do not know, is a family in Europe that is insanely wealthy. They go back to a banker many generations ago and, since then, none of his descendants have had to work. The family today is collectively worth over one trillion dollars. In this email between Hillary and a Rothschild, Hillary (who is known for giving short responses to official diplomats) seems to be bending over backwards and offering unethical and unprecedented access to a private citizen only because he is insanely wealthy. She is essentially saying that she is for sale. This is bad, like I said. This is proof that Hillary is not worthy of the office of the presidency of the USA:


How or why our Secretary of State is communicating with a wealthy private citizen does not matter as much as she, in fact, simply is. She is clearly putting wealth and her own personal gain over the duties she is to be serving as the head of the State Department. Because of this, she should not be the President of the USA.

A reporter for the Huffington Post has his take on this:


I think this is a big deal. If you do not because the Rothschild's are mixed with nonsense conspiracy theories, consider the following:

How Sensitive Information Remains Hidden

Of all the things I have written on this web site, this is the one thing that can actually get me into trouble. I am going to expose a secret here and now used by the United States Military and the Department of Defense.

Let me start with an analogy. The way workers protect expensive equipment and valuable raw materials at a construction site is to pile garbage or other disgusting unmentionable material on top of it. This often prevents thieves from acquiring a power saw as well as steers away college kids who want a few free planks of wood for a book shelve.

I just described how the practice of mixing something with literal BS served to protect important material and items, but this literal practice is also done figuratively by the United States Military as well as other powerful people and entities. The way to hide something is to mix it with refuse so that smart people will dismiss it outright. This is done in the world of highly sensitive information by the military. If the United States is testing a super secret spy plane, they will almost always mix information about it with propaganda about UFOs.

It works. It is highly effective, surprisingly. I have met many Russian nationals who dismiss the very existence of of the air force bases where spy planes are tested just because the term "Area 51" is synonymous with Extra Terrestrial Aliens and UFO's.

It is a very clever trick, and it uses psychology to misdirect people by painting something that is important as being something that is trash and tabloid nonsense.

The reason I am mentioning this trick here is because it is not only a tool that the military uses to hide important information but it is a practice also used by wealthy and important people who want to hide sensitive and private information.

I have discovered that the Clinton's have done this to hide the Webb Hubbell scandal. The Clinton's have managed to hide the existance of this scandal by mixing the story along with tabloid garbage by working with the British Tabloid television program, "The Word". I learned about this after speaking with several people who live overseas. They dismiss the validity of the Hubbell scandal simply because it was bundled with another obviously false rumor on this TV program notorious for presenting fantasy and garbage conspiracy theories.

This practice is not only a favorite of politicians to keep embarrassing information private but it is also done by the extremely wealthy to protect their privacy. This is why just the mentioning of "Rothschild" makes people dismiss anything about this family. The Rothschild's have been successful at equating their name with the occult and thus forcing people to dismiss anything their name is attached to.

The band new email scandal with the Rothschild's and Hillary Clinton is currently being dismissed and overlooked because of this.

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