Hillary Clinton and Her Stupidity

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Hillary Clinton and Her Stupidity

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:39 am

In the motion picture, Zoolander, Owen Wilson's character exemplifies the movie's presented stereotype of a male model with low intelligence by demonstrating that he does not understand the concept of computer files and what it means for files to be "inside a computer".


The stupidity of Owen Wilson's character exists in real life in the form of anyone who thinks that deleting emails off of your personal legal web server will make those emails completely disappear. To me -- and I believe to anyone living in the Information Age of today -- who does not understand that email communication exists on the internet backbone is unfit for command. The truth (and I doubt this is supposed to be a secret) is that if you are running off a personal, non-secure web server, you are open to the world and your emails can be read by anyone. What is worse is that your email communications will love forever on internet servers forever. The FBI director was being less than 100% honest when he said that there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton's emails were hacked by foreign entities. The truth is, while that might be technically correct, that does not matter. The emails are out there for anyone who is a senior software engineer to view. Wikileaks did nothing magic in finding all of Hillary's email correspondence. I believe that there are hundreds of hackers and institutions who have access to Hillary Clinton's email correspondence.

But it is worse. While Hillary were using her personal email server as serving as Secretary of State, countries who wanted to do harm to us could have listened in without our knowledge and there would be know way of us knowing about it. They would not have to have special skills to get them off the internet backbone. They would just have to essentially listen in. There is a reason why top secret institutions and banks communicate on secure systems (this is the "s" in "https:", by the way, it is a secure system that is difficult to hack into. But The State Department should operate -- and I am sure they normally operate -- on a level of security above this where it is virtually impossible for Wikileaks or anyone else to later browse through communication effortlessly.

Hillary's activities exclude her for being an acceptable choice for president because military personal will not approve her as Commander In Chief. I know this because I am a veteran. When I was active duty as an Intelligence Specialist, I had already had some college behind me. While serving with a medium range attack squadron on an aircraft carrier, I took calculus and writing courses by correspondence. When it came time to leave the Navy, they offered an opportunity to take the SAT. Naturally I practically aced the SAT exam and that started the wheels rolling in the DOD for me to later serve in a highly classified office at The Pentagon for 40 days while I was in the Navy Reserves. Now, here is why all of this is important. If I had done what Hillary has gotten away with as proven by the FBI report, I would have been in serious trouble with The Justice Department.

The FBI director concluded that there was no evidence that Hillary intentionally mishandled classified information. But she did. She did mishandle classified information. Is that because she is simply a stupid person? If so, that is, if she is too stupid to know how to handle classified information, she is also too stupid to be a leader.

You might be wondering why, if this information is sitting out on the internet servers for any good hacker to access, why is it that the details seem to be only coming from Wikileaks. This is simply because having this information and reading it is illegal. It is personal information and an invasion of privacy. This is why people who have read the contents are not talking.

But here is why all this is information and why this is opening a door to an undesirable world. If you are voting for Hillary you are doing more than just voting for a person. You are voting for a world. And this world is not one you would want to live in. Hillary is such an incompetent dolt that she actually thought that deleting email messages locally will remove the existence of those emails. But the truth is that those emails exist on the backbone of the internet server forever. Not only does Wikileaks have copies of those emails but so does up to 100 individuals and institutions worldwide who know how technology works. And here lies the problem. It is illegal to have those emails because it is legally an invasion of privacy. This is the world of Hillary and this is the world we will all live in if she is elected. It is a world where actually knowing the truth is against the law. I refuse to be part of this culture or organized crime and organized ignorance and living in a world of lies and corruption.

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