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Hillary's Violations of The Bill of Rights

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:40 am
by ArgueMax
Hillary's First Amendment Violation

She threatened to shut down The Laugh Factory because comics there were exercising their First Amendment Right and poking fun at her. Both The Laugh Factory and Judicial Watch has records of this incident. Hillary demanded the names, addresses and phone numbers of the comics. Fans of Hillary have told me that they refuse to believe this happened no matter what. I tell them, it is simply true. Hollywood is very pro-Democrat and very Left leaning. And if there is any ground zero for progressive it would be the one place where comic icons are born, The Laugh Factory. The manager insists he got the calls and The Hillary Camp has refused comment. They will not even deny it.

Hillary's Second Amendment Violation

She said in rallies in Blue States that she favors and admires the Australian-style gun buy back program and she has been recorded to take it further. She insisted that, as president, on day one, she would sign executive orders to infringe on gun ownership rights. Hillary wants votes, not fairness. When she insisted to the crowd of Liberal Democrats that she would sign executive orders immediately as president to do all she could to limit the citizens rights to own arms, the crowd erupted in approval.