Why Hillary is Much Worse Than Trump

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Why Hillary is Much Worse Than Trump

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:22 am

The following was posted on a social media page praising and promoting Hillary Clinton...

Hillary Clinton is so freaking evil. I don't understand what is wrong with you people. Nothing Trump has done has come close. I can pick just one case of Hillary's and it more than overshadows all of the bad things you can say about Trump.

I can just pick Travelgate. What Hillary did is unforgivable. I will be as brief as possible. Basically, Hillary promised DC jobs for everyone who helped in her husbands campaign for president. So when the power couple got the the white house, she fired everyone in the White House Travel office. But there was a problem. The staff she fired told her, "excuse me, you can not do that without just cause". So she threatened to find just cause even if one did not really exist. She abused her power and she abused the office of the FBI do do a witch hunt on he staff.

Most of the workers of the Travel Office figured it was not worth the fight and left. Some didn't. So Hillary fought them. The worst victim of Hillary's wrath was BIlly Dale. As a consequence of the FBI investigation, former Travel Office Director Billy Dale was indicted by a federal grand jury on December 7, 1994, on two counts of embezzlement and criminal conversion, charged with wrongfully depositing into his own bank account $68,000 in checks from media organizations traveling with the president during the period between 1988 and 1991. He faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Dale's attorneys conceded that funds had been co-mingled, but stated that Dale had not stolen anything but rather used the monies for the substantial tips and off-the-book payments that the job required, especially in foreign countries, and that anything left over was used as a discount against future trips.

At the 13-day trial in October and November 1995, prominent journalists such as ABC News' Sam Donaldson and The Los Angeles Times' Jack Nelson testified as character witnesses on Dale's behalf. Much of the trial focused on the details of the movement of Travel Office funds into Dale's personal account, and not on the political overtones of the case. The jury acquitted Dale of both charges on November 16, 1995, following less than two hours of deliberations.

Dale as innocent of all charges. While in jail he cried to his visiting daughter that if the USA was corrupt of this and if a First Lady can throw power around and destroy people like this at will, then he did not want to live in the USA anymore.

But it gets worse. The courts found that Hillary lied under oath. Hillary was found guilty of perjury and falsifying evidence against Billy Dale during Travelgate. She got off serving jail time because no one knew the ethics of arresting a First Lady. So they concluded that there was no evidence that she intentionally lied in court or was just mistaken.

I have noticed that Hillary Clinton supporters do not like to question their own decisions. If you take pride in being an intelligent and rational person, why don't you? I noticed that Liberals also blindly believe what people tell them and never want to check out facts for yourself.

Well, we live in The Information Age. If Hillary loses, it will be a triumph for human kind and that we are evolving.

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