Ethics Violations and Mail Fraud

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Ethics Violations and Mail Fraud

Postby ArgueMax » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:55 pm

The ethics violations, breaking of campaign rules and laws that have been going on by The Hillary Clinton Camp are astonishing. I find it difficult to believe what I am seeing. But it is is all real and true. I would not have believed it if it was not for the fact that there is proof and it is being reported by a large number of people. By all appearances The Hillary Camp have no sense of ethical behavior. Being ethical does not matter. All that matters is winning. I have to conclude that they figure they can get away with it because, by the time the judicial system starts processing it, it will be too late and Hillary will be president. All I can do is insist you share the link to this forum post with as many people as you can and as fast as you can.

And the corruption permeates throughout many governmental institutions. I have been getting reports from shocked and stunned citizens in Florida of how government employees are using their offices as platforms for their political biases.

Public school staff, executives and teachers are teaching children that Trump is evil and Hillary is good. If you see nothing wrong with this, you too lack ethics and can not tell right from wrong. I am sure there must be laws against people who have jobs that are paid for by citizens using the resources that we, as American citizens, pay for to promote a biased political agenda. I mean, I pay taxes, I did not authorize or think I was paying for people to influence children to have left leaning biases.

Even if you are a Liberal Democrat, even if you support Hilary with all your love and all your heart, I have to assume you are a human being with a sense of right and wrong and you have to admit this is unfairness to an unacceptable degree. Hillary must lose this election. This is not the side that should obtain power in this country.



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