Why I am Ashamed of The United States

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Why I am Ashamed of The United States

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:35 am

I am ashamed of my country and for the Democratic Party for voting for and nominating Hillary Clinton. I am ashamed of Americans for lacking the capacity to differentiate fact from supposition. I am ashamed of Americans and their lack of critical thinking skills and the obvious reflection of our poor education system. I am ashamed that Americans cannot determine on their own that Trump is not guilty of over half the things that the media has reported about him and so few of us do our own independent research and listen to opposing viewpoints. We lack the emotional maturity, like little children, to consider that we might be wrong. I am ashamed that we are giving enemies of the United States a victory beyond measure by electing Hillary Clinton. The greatest goal of Al Qaeda was to influence our culture and our electoral process. We are giving them that victory. 9-11 killed the greatest pundit against Hillary, Barbara Olsen. As a published author against Hillary Clinton, the more Olsen wrote and the more she spoke on talk show circuits, the less Hillary's popularity became. ISIS and any terrorist of the day can claim victory and praise the 19 hijackers of 9-11 as justified martyrs because, it is rational to assume, with Barbara Olsen out of the way, Hillary became the president of the United States.

None of the reasons for or against Trump and none of the reasons for or against Hillary has more gravity than this. I even wrote about this and the blog is on arguemax.com You should read it and pass it around to your friends.

All this might seem absurd to you. But that does not make it less true. It might seem absurd because you do not want to believe it. It does not make it less true.

If you are proud of voting for Hillary, I consider you to be a gullible fool who lacks the intellect to know or consider you have done the country a great wrong.

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