The Truth about Trump's "Nasty Woman" Comment.

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The Truth about Trump's "Nasty Woman" Comment.

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:06 am

The "Nasty Woman" comment as well as the comment he made in the first debate where he said that there was some information he had on Hillary that was horrible but he decided not to go there are both information that Trump got from Roger Stone. Stone got the information from Keith and Kevin Simon who got the information from Bill Menke Thompson AKA "ArgueMax". Thompson is a software engineer turned investigative reporter and BLOGGER who resented the fact that the Clinton's did nothing to slow the growth of the Dot Com Bubble like was done in Europe and Thompson lost his home in Silicon Valley when the bubble burst. He started reading and writing and researching all he could about Hillary Clinton and eventually stumbled upon Hillary's Greatest Scandal and researched it heavily to make sure it is factual. It is. It is actually true and Thompson had the goods on Hillary and began finding someone who had connections to Trump. Trump's "Nasty Woman" comment is in reference to this. Trump's "Nasty Woman" comment about Hillary has nothing to do with his attitude towards women in general viewtopic.php?t=153

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