"Doc Drake Is a Fake" pod cast

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"Doc Drake Is a Fake" pod cast

#1 Post by ArgueMax » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:20 am

Every Saturday, I am going to have a pod cast of facebook here:


Please go to this page on facebook to watch and listen to the pod cast. It is done at the same time Doc Drake has his radio show. Originally, I was told that I was going to be on his show and the man completely chickened out. that was on March 4, 2017. I also video recorded this non existent show and my waiting for a call from either him or his producer. It never happened. He completely chickened out.

So I decided to duplicate this every saturday at that time from now on with my own show, "Doc Drake is A Fake". He is welcome to call me any time during this show.


I found Doc Drake on facebook where he was spouting idiotic fables and hidden messages found in the bible. The morals to the stories he was making were purely derived from his own imagination. As example he would say something like "why did the devil bow his head in revelation passage..." or some such nonsense; or "what is the significant of the volcano in...". I knew it was my obligation to confront this delusional man and set the record straight.

This sparked several debates. I asked him to give proof that the bible is the literal word of God. After he failed that, I gave him reasons why the bible is not the literal word of God. So then we challenged each other to a debate.

Now, here is the most amusing part of all this. Doc Drake challenged me and he did so in the most irrational and stupid way. He went to my personal facebook page and announced that he was going to debate me. He called me an "ATHEIST" and he did so in capital letters. I never claimed to be an atheist. And so this was an Ad Hominem attack. What is more is that he continued with childish taunts and criticisms of my physical appearance. His probably is not accustomed to actually debating people on the playing field of logic and reason. He is not used to debating people who know his subject matter better than him.

Little did he know that I am good at this sort of thing. Prior to the scheduled debate we agreed to, I let him in on a few secrets. Namely, I told him one or two errors in the bible.

This, I think, is why he backed out of having me on his radio show. He knew I would destroy him in a debate.

I know this because one of his facebook friends has told me that he has tried to debunk the "insects walk on four legs" passage in Leviticus.

The funny thing is that I was not even going to discuss these things on the air but instead give other, more important reasons why Doc Drake is wrong.

He should have had me on the air. It would have been a great show. He has made a mistake in being a coward and chickening out. Things are worse for him now, not better. He is welcomed to rectify his error and have me on his show any week he wants.

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